you know how i feel about fire

A Flame-Spewing V8 Engine Wood Burning Stove

This is a video demonstration of an Australian man's custom hot rod V8 engine inspired wood burning stove that spews flames out of its headers after "engaging...
November 26, 2018

All The Rage: Getting Your Hair Cut With Fire

This are several videos from the Kaizo Salon N Spa in Mumbai, India of customers receiving the 'Kaizo Special Fire Haircut Treatment' (previously: this other salon owner...
January 17, 2018

The XM42-M: A New, Modular Personal Flamethrower

With the inevitable apocalypse right around the corner, you're going to need something to fight off the zombies/robots/cannibal tribes. Enter the XM42-M, a $900 personal flamethrower machined...
November 28, 2017