wtf is going on

Like Heaven & Hell Exploded Simultaneously

What's the RDA for glitter? This is a picture of a cake that has all the elements of the most beautiful daydream (unicorns, rainbows, lollipops) and most...
January 26, 2011

Adrianne Curry Plays World Of Warcraft Nekkid

That's right you little geeks, Adrianne Curry plays some butt-naked (and STONED) World of Warcraft. Did you hear that? That was 11.5 million WoW players crashing the...
December 7, 2009

Questionable Darth Vader McDonald's Ad

This is a European ad for McDonald's in which an upset looking Darth Vader force-floats his food in front of himself while a curly haired guy sucks...
September 4, 2009