who lives in a pineapple under the sea

Count Me In: A SpongeBob Themed Pineapple Villa

This is the Spongebob Pineapple Villa built by Nickelodeon for their Nick Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The 1,500 square foot villa is filled with Spongebob...
September 19, 2016

10th Anniversary Spongebob Crash Helmet

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of everybody's favorite anthropomorphic stoned sponge, Rube Pavillon is released 200 of these limited-edition Spongebob Squarepants motorcycle helmets. Unfortunately for you poorer...
December 23, 2009

Cool!: Beluga Whales Can Blow Bubble Rings

IMAGES REMOVED AT REQUEST OF Minden Pictures So apparently beluga whales know how to blow bubble rings, making them perfect for children's birthday parties and arguably the smartest...
October 9, 2009