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WTF WAS THAT?!: Terrifying Robotic Spider Dress

This is the Robotic Spider Dress, a collaboration piece between designer Anouk Wipprecht (of self-coloring dress fame) and programmer Daniel Schatzmayr. It moves its legs around whenever...
January 10, 2013

THE END NEARS: Flying Hexapod Hexacopter

Hexapod robots: they're no good. Qaudrocopters: they're no good. Put them together and what do you get? 40-times the no good (robots breed exponentially -- think rabbits,...
December 20, 2012

You Fool!: Man Builds Giant Mecha In Garage

You thought I was kidding about it being Robotic Apocalypse Awareness Day, didn't you? I wasn't. First the Israeli snake robot, then Gundam, and now, another mecha....
June 10, 2009