we're gonna need a bigger boat

Tom-Foolery!: Sinking Boat Not Really Sinking

Artist Julien Berthier built a boat that looks like it's perpetually sinking even though it's not. Affectionately (literally) named 'Love Love', the boat is fully functional and...
November 2, 2010

Great, Another Apocalypse: Invisible Sharks

Because sharks aren't scary enough, apparently some of them can appear invisible while underwater. Awesome, I'm never showering again. Not scared yet? Well, one of the invisible...
May 25, 2010

17,000 Push-Pin Super Mario 3 Mosiac

You know, sometimes you come across something that really makes you appreciate human ingenuity and dedication to a project. This isn't one of those. What you're looking...
November 30, 2008