vigilante justice

Not April Fools :( Bagged Keychain Turtles

Hang in there, Michelangelo! As reported back in June 2008, Chinese street vendors have been selling bagged keychain fish for awhile now, but have since also moved...
April 1, 2011

GAH, SO MAD: Woman Puts Kitty In Trashcan

This is closed circuit security footage of some evil-ass witch petting a kitten named Lola on the sidewalk before dropping the cat in a trashcan and scurrying...
August 24, 2010

Man Takes Bat To 29 Flatscreens At Walmart

Westley Strellis decided to test the durability of flatscreen televisions at a Georgia Walmart. With a metal baseball bat (also great for repairs) he scored from the...
February 12, 2010