Lucky Dog: Superfan Gets Up Inspired Doghouse

This is the Up inspired doghouse created by Superfan Builds (previously: this Hobbit Hole cat litter box and Batman Tumbler stroller) for Russel cosplayer Steve Minty and...
February 18, 2015

Up, Up And Awaaaaay!: The Balloon Bench

The Balloon Bench from Japanese design firm h220430(?!?!) may look like a bench being floated away by balloons, but it's just an illusion. Also, the tooth fairy...
December 3, 2010

Last Halloween Post, Swear: AT-AT Costumes

Geekologie Reader Robert went and lovingly handcrafted an AT-AT costume for his miniature pincher. This is a video of the handsome little devil parading around and trying...
November 5, 2009