AGAIN!: Polydactyl Cat's 'Thumbs Up' Trick

This is a video of Jimmy the polydactyl cat (aka 'six-fingered cat' aka 'thumbs cat' aka 'mitten cat' aka 'Hemingway cat' aka etc. etc.) showing off his...
February 23, 2011

Clean Feet Are Overrated: Sticker Shoes

You know what the worst thing about shoes are? The laces. They make everything so difficult. Just this weekend I was tying my Pumas (product plug, pay...
December 20, 2010

Good Enough To Lick: A Marvel Pedicure

Note: Full-res shot HERE. I love toes. Like, I have a toe fetish. Feet are f***ing disgusting, but some sexy-ass painted toenails? Mmmm mmmm MMMM! One time...
August 4, 2010