sugar in your gas tank

Sad: Donkey Kong Reduced To Selling Soda

Seen here unsuccessfully threatening a blurry old man with the 1-2 punch that used to make Mario shit his pants and cry, Donkey Kong, the once fearful...
October 12, 2009

Real Sugar: Mountain Dew 'Throwback'

Just for the summer (unless they're hugely popular) Pepsi is producing Mountain Dew and Pepsi 'Throwback', which both contain natural sugar instead of that high fructose maize...
April 27, 2009

Highly Questionable: The DJ Mobile

The DJ Mobile was built by Dutch artist Olaf Mooij and looks like the lovechild of a subcompact that f***ed a rocketship. The deafening piece was inspired...
September 2, 2008