Couple Wins Google Lawsuit, Awarded $1

Back in 2008, Pittsburghers Aaron and Christine Boring (*yawn*) began the process of suing Google for invasion of privacy after a Google Street View car trespassed 1,000...
December 4, 2010

Wrong: Darth Vader Dancing To MC Hammer

Adding more delicious gasoline to my 'must sue Disney' fire, here's Darth Vader and a few stormtroopers dancing to MC Hammer's 'You Can't Touch This' at the...
July 22, 2009

VISA Card Users Charged $23 Quadrillion

Several people rocking VISA prepaid credit cards got a peculiar $23,148,855,308,184,500 charge this week when using their VISA BUXX cards. That's 23 quadrillion dollars. To put that...
July 15, 2009