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BWAHAHAHA!: World's Biggest Twilight Fan

Remember yesterday's biggest Harry Potter fan? Well here's the world's biggest Twilight fan. Can you see her? SHE'S THE ONE WEARING A F***ING WEDDING DRESS STANDING NEXT...
November 17, 2010

I'd Rather Stink: A Sponge-Bathing Robot

Look around. Is everything white and sterile? Don't panic, you're in the hospital. Is everyone decked out in Haz-Mat suits? Okay, start panicking -- you're in a...
November 11, 2010

Tactical Crossbow Mounts On AR-15 Stock

The PSE TAC-15 Crossbow costs $1,300 and mounts to the receiver of an AR-15 (not included). It is a serious piece of killing equipment and should not...
May 1, 2009