sounds delicious

Sounds Delicious: Green Lantern Glo-Balls

There are two kinds of desserts in this world: those that glow, and those that taste like ass. Thankfully, Hostess (I SAID I'LL SEAT MYSELF!) GloBalls glow....
September 16, 2010

OM NOM NOM!: Candwich Canned Sanwiches

You know what the problem with sandwiches is? They're too hard to transport. What they need to do is invent specially-sized bags to tote them around in....
July 8, 2010

White Strawberries That Taste Like Pineapple

Pineberries look like albino strawberries and taste like pineapples. WTF IS UP WITH THAT, MOTHER NATURE? Bitch you crazy as hell! Grown in glasshouses, pineberries start off...
March 31, 2010