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*PEW PEW!*: Awesome Mega Man Hoodie

This is a Mega Man hoodie designed by deviantARTist bmansnuggles. Allegedly he's trying to get the thing manufactured which is probably the smartest thing I've ever heard...
April 5, 2010

Own Your Own Lunar Lander (Replica), $89K

Want to place outerspace in your own backyard and pretend YOU'RE ON THE F***ING MOON? Who doesn't?! Well now you can thanks to these full scale lunar...
December 5, 2009

Wicked MASHERTRON Robot Suit On eBay

A Canadian by the name Steve Masher made a pretty wicked robot costume and is selling it on eBay. It's called MASHERTRON (an homage to his sweet...
February 5, 2008