This Year's DIY Star Wars Snowflakes, Rogue One

These are this year's do-it-yourself (with adult supervision and safety scissors) Star Wars paper snowflake designs created by artist Anthony Herrera (all his previous years' designs HERE)....
November 15, 2016

Another Day, Another Christmas Snowflake

Combining the undeniable sensuality of Predator with the holiday spirit of Star Wars and Cylon paper snowflakes, comes this Predatory snowflake from Geekologie Reader Luluhime (who didn't...
December 21, 2010

The Opposite Of Merry: Cylon Snowflakes

Remember those Star Wars snowflakes Geekologie Reader Dave made for the holidays? Well here's a Cylon version Geekologie Reader Pixel made. As you can see, it looks...
December 20, 2010