What, No Pliers?: Belt With 6 Integrated Tools

The $55 Snow Toolbelt from skate/snowboard clothing manufacturer 686 was designed for men of winter who don't want to carry around a pocketful of screwdrivers for fear...
November 22, 2010

Video Games Meet Skate/Snowboarding Video

This a short little skateboarding/snowboarding video called 'Gnarcade' that features a bunch of video game environments and characters. It was created by Knifeshow Inc. and has a...
July 13, 2010

Look, You Can See The Bone!: Casttoos

Casttoos are tattoos for casts. The company makes a number of different standard designs (flames, tribal stuff, etc), but the coolest available is a custom version of...
February 23, 2010