Count Me In: Playing Skyrim In Virtual Reality

This is a video of the folks at Cyberith demonstrating their Virtualizer omnidirectional treadmill coupled with an Oculus Rift headset and Wii-Motes. The result? The closest you...
February 3, 2014

MUST SEE: Unbelievable Alduin Dragon Skyrim Cake

I...can't even believe that's real. Created by level 110 alchemist/cake creator Baking Obsession (AKA Vera) for her son's birthday, this is an absolutely unbelievable Alduin cake from...
May 9, 2012

Dragonbarking: Skyrim Canine Cosplay

Facebook user (really descriptive, I know) Alicia Scantlin went and crocheted Skyrim costumes for her dogs. These are them. There's a Dragonborn and a dragon. Can you...
February 6, 2012