Even Parking Meters Are Out To Get Us

Thought you were safe from robotic parking meters? Think again. Apparently the clever little bastards are pretending to be broken, then, once you've limped away without feeding...
February 25, 2009

Drawing On Wheels: The Sharpie Lamborghini

We've seen all kinds of exotic cars here on Geekologie. We've seen a golden Porche, Burberry barfwagon, a wooden supercar, chrome Lamborghini, DIY Lamborghini, a knit Ferrari,...
September 9, 2008

Aromatherapy Pens Encourage Huffing

Swiss Aromatherapy Pens are pens that have a liquid reservoir and rollerball on top (in upper left of photo), so that you can dispense smelly goodness onto...
October 29, 2007