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New Mechanical Puzzles Available Soon

A new breed of mechanical puzzle is available for all of you who are tired of your Rubik's Cube, Ball or DodecaWTF. They're called MindStrat Puzzles, and...
March 5, 2009

I Like: A Sweet LEGO-Inspired T-Shirt

This is a completely unlicensed t-shirt from Fuzzy Ink that features a LEGO minifig trying on different heads. It'll set you back $16 if you want one...
January 21, 2009

Yes Please!: Legend Of Zelda Messenger Bag

Damnit, why didn't I know about this before Christmas? This ($45) Zelda Messenger Bag features the Zelda map and the Triforce logo. The bag is great for...
December 30, 2008