punching you in the face

Staged Cosplay Fighting At FanExpo 2011

Screencaps: I'm good at them. Here's another video of cosplay characters fighting with added special effects by Yung Lee, the same guy that brought us this one....
October 3, 2011

The Last Of The Street Fighter Ultra Combos

Seen here throwing a life-altering nuttercut, two Street Fighters take turns performing ultra combos (NOT hj's) on each other. Sadly (or fortunately depending on how much you've...
March 2, 2011

Guy's Zoidberg Impression Gets Nose Broken

Probably should've practiced in the mirror longer. A 22-year old who was impersonating Professor Zoidberg from Futurama got his nose broken and teeth chipped after being punched...
March 1, 2011