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Will It Make Me A Zombie?!: The T-Virus Shot

The Drunken Moogle is a website that features video-game inspired cocktails. This is the T-Virus from Resident Evil here. What's a T-virus? Worse than swine flu, that's...
May 2, 2010

Just In Time For Easter: Peep Sushi!

You ever projectile vomited a rainbow of partially-masticated Peeps? Then you haven't lived. It's truly a magical feeling. And if you really wanna toss your biscuits, here's...
April 3, 2010

Soda Dispenser Dispenses From The Bottom

This piece of crap from Scotsman Beverage Systems dispenses ice from the top, and soda from the bottom. ZOMG, sorcery! It's supposed to revolutionize the beverage serving...
November 21, 2008