princess leia

Princess Leia Hair Bun Headphone Covers

Etsy seller JacquieLongLegs (aka Jacquie Coe) is selling these homemade Princess Leia/Vespa hair bun headphone covers. They come in brunette, blonde and ginger and will set you...
December 22, 2011

Jessica Rabbit As Gold Bikini Princess Leia

TINY FEET ARE TOO TINY. Note: Full-res version HERE because you're a pervert. This is a picture by artist Dimitris Samaras of Jessica Rabbit performing her lounge...
February 20, 2011

Nerdy Music Video: Cosplay With My Heart

This is a College Humor produced song and music video entitled 'Cosplay With My Heart'. It's supposed to be a parody of some song by Bruno Mars,...
November 30, 2010