Teensy Robot To Attempt (140-Mile) Triathlon

Remember Evolta, the miniscule robotic mascot for Panasonic's line of Evolta batteries? Of course you do, you have a memory like an elephant. Body too. "What was...
September 16, 2011

Panasonic's New 152-Inch 3-D Plasma TV

Panasonic just announced their upcoming line of "ultra-large" (read: f***ing huge) 3-D plasma televisions. They're gonna come in 85, 103 and 152-inch flavors, which I find more...
June 16, 2010

In Your Dreams: Panasonic's 150" Plasma

Panasonic unveiled the new reigning king of plasma televisions at CES '08, the 150-incher. As you call tell from the picture of it next to last year's...
January 8, 2008