Pop Art Paintball: Marilyn In A Minute

Sure this might not be as impressive as creating a paintball Mona Lisa in a split-second, but it's still pretty neat (skip to 0:40 for the action)....
September 24, 2009

Impressive: Homemade Paintball Sentry

Some dude made a paintball sentry that automatically detects moving objects and lights them up (with paintballs, not light, silly!). It's pretty freaking impressive. Skip to 2:00...
July 14, 2008

Boy Builds Homemade 1:2 Scale Panzer Tank

This isn't the first miniature Panzer tank we've featured on Geekologie, but it certainly is the most plywoody one. Kettering University mechanical engineering student Will Foster built...
April 10, 2008