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Yeti 'Evidence' Photos From Siberian Trek

This is a series of photographs depicting the "irrefutable" Yeti evidence found in Siberia during the recent hunt for the elusive (read: make-believe) creature. This photo here...
October 26, 2011

Not April Fools :( Bagged Keychain Turtles

Hang in there, Michelangelo! As reported back in June 2008, Chinese street vendors have been selling bagged keychain fish for awhile now, but have since also moved...
April 1, 2011

You Did It So, So Wrong: Anti-Evolution Fail

*facepalm* Well no shit they didn't grow into watermelons, you probably didn't water them. No fair rigging the experiment! Hit the jump for the entire article (yes,...
August 17, 2010