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Teensy Batman Fan Gets Custom Batmobile Stroller

This is a video from the Super-Fan Builds webseries (previously: a Hobbit-hole litter box and Bioshock aquarium) documenting the construction of a custom Batmobile stroller for young...
January 21, 2015

My Turn, My Turn!: A Human Catapult

A couple weeks ago we saw the AirKick human catapult,and today we've got a video of the homemade variety. I don't really have much to say except...
September 12, 2008

World's Longest Homemade Waterslide?

Cutting the grass, drinking beer, and watching chicks run by the house in short shorts while I yell "PEW PEW PEW!" from my bedroom window -- it's...
July 21, 2008