Hand-Knit Skeleton: Not So Strong Bones

Aarguably the most appropriate skeleton for a closet. Get it?! Because it's knit like a sweater you bonehead! *swish* This is an allegedly complete skeleton (I say...
May 17, 2011

But Can I Get Them in Growed-Up Sizes?

These are some cute assed (LITERALLY!) Hello Kitty pants etsy user Mazter knit for her daughter. Only catch is, she isn't selling the pants themselves, just the...
May 6, 2011

BOOM, Instant Attractive: Pikachu Ski Mask

This knitted Pikachu ski mask from deviantARTist Sugarcoatidli3z is just the thing to spice up your love life/rob a bank/scare children/grow humongous breasts. Whatever your motivation, textile...
November 23, 2009