it's about time!

Law To Keep TV Ad Volume Low Gets Passed

In 'WTF took so long?' news, the FCC has announced that starting next December, television commercials can be no louder than the shows they follow. LIFE INSURANCE,...
December 16, 2011

YES: Zelda Skyward Sword's Ink-Blot Intro

Want to see The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's 3:30 ink-blot intro? Relax bro, I've got you covered. "...In honey?" Yes in honey, I need your help...
October 7, 2011

Finally, A Color Nightvision Video Camera

You know what the biggest problem with nightvision cameras is? They make your sex tape look like shit. If I wanted to see two green, googly-eyed aliens...
March 3, 2011