i'd rock it

Clever, Veeeery Clever: Spock Hand Hoodie

See? When it's zipped up it looks like a regular hand wave, but, after a partial zip-down, it becomes the traditional Vulcan salute. Plus -- BAM! --...
September 14, 2010

Happy Friday The 13th!: Ecko Jason Hoodie

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! To celebrate this un-momentous occasion here's a $98 Jason hoodie by Marc Ecko. Watch out for black cats and shit! Channel the...
November 13, 2009

They're Hugging Me!: Teddy Bear Jacket

This is a jacket made out of teddy bears from artist/designer Sebastian Errazuriz (who also brought us the zipper dress). I like it, it looks really comfortable....
September 25, 2009