i would eat that

The Internet Moon Is A Series Of Tubes!

So apparently the moon might consist of a network of interconnected tubes, like Swiss cheese. OMG the astronauts are gonna eat it! AAAAAAAAAAH I'M SO JEALOUS! Images...
October 24, 2009

I Would Munch Those Dots: A Pac-Man Cake

This is a Pac-Man cake created by CupcakeJonas for an undisclosed Pac-Man fan. Some suspect it was Pac-Man himself but that's ridiculous because....actually, I bet it was...
October 20, 2009

I Would Eat That: The Cheese Burgkin

In the Halloween spirit, this is a picture of a pumpkin that's been turned into a cheeseburger. Impressive, but I would have made all the fixin's out...
October 18, 2009