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The Story Of My Life In Zelda T-Shirt Form

This is a t-shirt designed by BattleTankBob that's up for voting with the hope that Threadless will actually print them. Which, if they did, I'd probably buy....
August 26, 2010

PB & J Me!: Cakewich Sandwich Cakes

Sandwich cakes are cakes that look like sandwiches thanks to Fred's Cakewich baking pan. The silicon batter receptacle costs $23 and is probably a waste of money...
April 15, 2010

Oldschool Flair: A Modern Penny-Farthing

I didn't even know these things were called penny-farthings. I thought they were called those goofy-ass looking bicycles with one monster-giant wheel and one little bitch one....
April 12, 2010