Daw!: Albino Hummingbird Caught On Camera

Hummingbirds -- easily one of my favorite kind of birds. Right up there with penguins, puffins, flamingos, toucans and owls. And while albino specimens (in this case,...
September 29, 2011

Super Mario World Guitar/Vocal Multitrack

Seen here conveniently screencapped to look like a headless guitar solo, two ghost bj's and a dirty secret being told, Youtubers Trudbol (vocals) & SongeLeReveur (guitar) combine...
May 23, 2011

Know What We Need? Some Flying Hummers

Flying Hummers: I think I saw them on the menu at a Cirque du Soleil brothel. What?! I was writing an exposé! Just kidding, but I did...
October 6, 2010