hand candy

Needs More One Ring: Eye Of Sauron Fingernails

These are Chalkboard Nails' custom Eye of Sauron themed fingernails. Not gonna lie, whoever's fingers those are should really consider being a hand model. IMMACULATE. Mine look...
October 1, 2012

Jessica Chobot Getting A Triforce Tattoo

This is a video of Jessica Chobot (friend and colleague of yours truly) getting a Triforce tattoo on her wrist during the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Clearly,...
January 11, 2010

Questionable: A Shocking Beer Bottle Opener

This is a cheap $3.50 bottle opener that shocks any idiot moron foolish enough to ignore the giant 'Shock Can Opener' graphic on the front. Plus, hopefully...
August 24, 2009