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Mother Nature, You One Cruel B: 'Were-Girl'

11-year-old Supatra Sasupha has a busted chromosome that's left her with Ambras Syndrome, a rarity that, in case you couldn't tell, causes a person to grow thick...
February 28, 2011

Of Course There Is: Sexy Chewbacca Costume

Wrapping up my hard-hitting exposé on "there is a sexy version of every costume" comes this Chewbacca getup from sessywear purveyor Yandy. YOW YOW YANDY, YOW YOW!...
October 7, 2010

NOT COOL BROS: Bow And Arrow Robot

Because you can't be a robot sympathizer without being a giant f***ing racist as well (how do you feel about robots again?), some Italian scientists decided to...
September 24, 2010