For Grass Types: The Pokéball Herb Grinder

This is a couple shots of Geekologie Reader El Gostro's homemade Pokéball themed herb grinder. It's for cooking. Jk jk, it's for grinding marijuana. But probably not...
August 2, 2011

Coca-Cola's Iffy Pollution-Cleaning Billboard

This is a Coke billboard in the Philippines touting the company's greenliness. How earth-friendly is Coke besides the billboard? I have no clue. Probably not very. Whenever...
June 29, 2011

Ho Ho Holy God That's Nerdy: Geek Wreath

The Geek Wreath is a cheap plastic wreath (possibly stolen from somebody's grave) with a bunch of broken computer parts glued to it. It's the perfect holiday...
December 7, 2010