going rogue

Looks Dangerous: This Wearable Robotic Third Arm

This is a video demonstration of the *inhales deeply* 'Multifunctional Remotely Actuated Three Degrees Of Freedom Supernumerary Robotic Arm Based On Magnetorheological Clutches And Hydrostatic Transmission Lines'...
June 5, 2020

Britain Rolls Out Own Unmanned Killer Jet

Tired of not having their own manless killer plane, Britain just rolled out the $216 million Taranis, a flying deathbot drone named after the Celtic god of...
July 13, 2010

Robot Train Goes Rogue, Kills Track Inspector

An unmanned computerized train car in Miami allegedly ran over an employee while he was inspecting the tracks of the Metromover rail system. Uh-oh. The accident happened...
June 22, 2009