Finally!: Superhero Socks With Own Capes

This is a pair of women's Robin (of "holy how about a reach-around for once, Batman?" fame) socks with integrated capes. They cost $13. The company also...
October 25, 2011

A Close Look At Adidas' Wampa Fur Shoes

These are the Adidas Star Wars Campus Wampa Sneakers, which, for a shoe, is a pretty impressive name. Granted not as impressive as Holey Flipflop Ow Shit...
September 28, 2011

$350 Nonfunctional Computer Part Sandals

This is a pair of $350 "data sandals" by Etsy seller PCB Creations, whose specialty is creating art out of printed circuitboards and other discarded computer pieces....
August 9, 2011