Of Course He Won, He Wins Every Year

Yeah well this year's gonna be different. You see, I laced his Gatorade with laxatives. His butt's gonna be running fast enough to win the race itself!...
August 31, 2010

Every Bart Simpson Blackboard Quote

London-based marketing firm Work Club apparently has every Bart Simpson blackboard quote in one easy, pannable, zoomable piece of Flash. Suck it, iPads. Suck up all that...
May 18, 2010

Adobe Vs. Apple, The Advertisements

This is a print ad created by Adobe taking a stab at Apple's lack of Flash support. Apple's (fake) response is after the jump, and it's exactly...
May 17, 2010

The (Not So) Super Lives Of Superheroes

This is a little gallery of superheroes in not-so-super situations brought to us by Super Not So Super. For example, this is Batman reading the foreclosure notice...
December 17, 2009

Doing It Wrong: Flasher Hit By Flashed Car

A female flasher who was showing motorists her own airbags (metaphorical magic!) ended up distracting one virgin so badly he ran over her. AAAAAAAHHH BOOOOOBIES!! Cherelle Dudfield,...
December 16, 2009

Anti-Paparazzi Bag Flashes Bulb, Not Privates

Some guy named Adam Harvey designed an anti-paparazzi purse that, when the flashbulbs of the photogs go off, immediately flashes it's own bulb back, ruining their pictures...
July 3, 2009

Design Contest Mimobot Flash Drives

Mimoco, the company best known for making cute USB drives (particularly the Star Wars series), recently held a contest in which fans were encouraged to design their...
November 11, 2008

The Rest Of Star Wars Series 3 Mimobot's

Remember when we revealed Wicket as the second character in Mimoco's Series 3 of Star Wars flash drives? Well the remainder have been announced, with a Royal...
July 25, 2008

Steampunk USB Drive Looks Pretty, Shiny

This is a steampunkified USB drive that comes to us all the way from Russia. As you can see it's got all the typical steampunk necessities, namely...
May 28, 2008

Mix Tape Flash Drive Is Retro-Modern

The MIXA is a 1GB USB drive that looks like a cassette tape. It takes this idea to the next level. You got to the MIXA website...
October 24, 2007

USB Spypen Is Huge, Won't Trick Anyone

The Thanko Spydisk packs an SD card reader/writer along with 512 MB of its own flash memory into a pen the size of one of those jumbo...
September 14, 2007

CGDC3: Gimme Friction Baby

Gimme Friction Baby is the winner of the 3rd Casual Gameplay Design Competition. You can play it here, or check out the rest of the entries here....
July 31, 2007


Statetris is Tetris with US states. Try it on hard and then weep at your own inadequacies.
July 24, 2007