Three-Eyed Nuclear 'Simpsons' Fish Caught

Seen here looking like about 40 fish sticks, a group of fishermen caught this three-eyed Simpsons 'blinky' fish in a lake near a nuclear power plant in...
October 27, 2011

So Can I!: Fish Can Communicate With Toots

Mine usually say, "this seat's taken". Fish: just like people, they can toot. Sure scientists might try to argue herring are the only ones that bust ass...
October 24, 2011

Build Your Own Aquarium!: Fish Use Tools

Fish, long thought to make terrible tradesmen (but delicious sticks), can apparently use tools. Rocks are tools, right? "URG!" ...Thanks for your input, Grok, but your dingaling...
October 1, 2011