eye of sauron

Needs More One Ring: Eye Of Sauron Fingernails

These are Chalkboard Nails' custom Eye of Sauron themed fingernails. Not gonna lie, whoever's fingers those are should really consider being a hand model. IMMACULATE. Mine look...
October 1, 2012

LOLWUT?: Eye Of Sauron/Saruman Cosplay

I've never seen any Eye of Sauron cosplay before, and now I can see why: that shit's not easy to pull off. Thankfully, Captain Flameface here was...
May 18, 2011

Poke It Out With A Stick!: Real Eye Of Sauron

Using an XBox Kinect's motion-tracking capabilities coupled with a Pufferfish globe-projection system, some creepazoids were able to produce a real Eye of Sauron that follows you around...
March 22, 2011