everything's bigger in texas

Alien!: Guy Films Closeups Of His Giant Pet Katydid

This is a video from Youtuber precarious333 starring his adult male giant Texas katydid (Neobarrettia spinosa). Highlights include closeups of it breathing, chirping, cleaning itself, showing off...
November 11, 2014

Move Over, Paula Deen!: Deep-Fried Beer

That's right folks, deep-fried beer pockets. Finally, a reason to live again! Ever since the inauguration five years ago of the Big Tex Choice Awards at the...
August 27, 2010

Cowboy Stadium's Big Black Screen Of Fail

This is a picture in the Dallas Cowboys stadium of a giant display that is connected to a computer that (and I'm using my Sherlock Holmes-y powers...
September 9, 2009