Conceptual e-Urinal Tests Your Piss, Reports Health

THe e-Urinal is a terribly named conceptual pisser by Royce Zhang that has sensors capable of measuring your body's most important health acronyms like PH/SG/URO/BLO/WBC/PRO/GLI/BIL/KET. Granted I...
January 9, 2012

Comprehensive Timeline/Infographic To Doctor Who

Note: Full-res version of the entire looooooooong thing HERE. This is a comprehensive guide to the history of the Doctor Who television franchise in timeline slash infographical...
December 20, 2011

Back To The Future Commercial w/ Doc Brown

This is a video that appeared on Youtube yesterday featuring a time-traveling DeLorean and the real Doc Brown. I'm pretty sure it's a commercial for Gabarino, the...
August 26, 2011