Two AI 'Cleverbots' Have A Rude Conversation

This is a video from Cornell University of two artificial intelligence systems talking to each other. They're nonsensical and rude, even to their own kind. Plus they...
August 30, 2011

Swimming In Molten Steel: Terminator 2 Cake

You remember watching 'Terminator 2' for the first time, when, after finally defeating the T-1000, the original (Schwarzenegger) Terminator sacrifices himself in the same vat of molten...
April 14, 2011

Cheapskate!: Gimme, The Panhandling Robot

Gimme is a panhandling robot designed and built by artist Chris Eckert. Basically he follows you around with that googly eye of his and shakes his money-cup...
September 28, 2010