TOO HUMAN: Terminator Robot Testing Camouflage

This is a video of Boston Dynamic's PETMAN humanoid robot testing out its maneuverability in camouflage. It's, uh, it's terrifyingly human-like. Just imagine in the future there...
April 5, 2013

Pentagon Testing 13,000MPH Unmanned Jet

The Pentagon's poorly named Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA -- NOT DERPA, despite the terrible moniker) scrubbed another launch today for the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle...
August 10, 2011

Did You Hear That?: Robot Spy Hummingbird

This is a robotic hummingbird designed by DARPA to fly around and capture audio/video on reconnaissance missions (not to be confused with renaissance missions, which usually involve...
February 21, 2011