Daw!: Albino Hummingbird Caught On Camera

Hummingbirds -- easily one of my favorite kind of birds. Right up there with penguins, puffins, flamingos, toucans and owls. And while albino specimens (in this case,...
September 29, 2011

Canine Cosplay: Pet Dinosaur Dog Costumes

Dinosaurs: everybody in their right mind wants one for a pet. But can we have them? Noooooooooooo, scientists are all, "f*** your dreams -- we don't care...
September 6, 2011

Turtle's Leg Replaced With Desk Chair Wheel

In far less depressing (non-squid) animal news, a 12-year old African spur-thighed tortoise NAMED GAMERA (♫ Gamera is really neat, Gamera is filled with meat ♫) had...
July 21, 2011