credit card

Paying In Blood: The Credit Card Knife

The credit card knife is a nonfunctional credit card that can fold into a weapon to stab someone and/or open annoying clamshell packaging. Just don't lose a...
December 21, 2010

VISA Card Users Charged $23 Quadrillion

Several people rocking VISA prepaid credit cards got a peculiar $23,148,855,308,184,500 charge this week when using their VISA BUXX cards. That's 23 quadrillion dollars. To put that...
July 15, 2009

InstyMeds Machine Dispenses Your Drugs

The InstyMeds machine was created by Ken Rosenblum to address the U.S. pharmacist shortage (which I was unaware of). You still have to get a prescription from...
December 19, 2007