Tattooed Zombie Boy Before And After Tattoo Concealer

This is a (2011 and already well-watched) video demonstration/advertisement for Dermablend's tattoo concealer featuring 26-year old zombie boy Rick Genest. Obviously, it's some sort of space-age miracle...
January 31, 2013

NASA's Press Conference On Alien Life

SPOILER: it's on earth, in a poisonous lake here in California. Wait, what?! BOOOOOOOOO!! I was hoping for some of those bug-eyed bastards with the glowing fingers...
December 2, 2010

Finally!: A Quality Keyboard Silencing Bag

Trying to visit pr0n sites late at night without your girlfriend waking up? HA -- GIRLFRIEND! Good one, GW. But maybe you need to silence your hunt-and-pecking...
November 22, 2010