choking hazard

Uh-Oh: Robots Now Administering Anesthesia

Just kidding, robots have actually been administering anesthesia since 2008, this one just stuffs the breathing tube down your throat instead of a doctor doing it by...
April 20, 2011

Choking Hazard: Build-A-Meal Plates For Kids

The Build-A-Meal playset is actually a plate for children who won't eat their cheeseburger unless it's in a little construction zone (perfect for use with these utensils)....
January 13, 2010

Evan, 5, Gets Transformers Cake For Birthday

Evan, a 5-year old from Whoknows, Orcares, got a Transformers cake for his birthday. As you can see, it's fairly well made and features a lead-based Transformers...
July 15, 2008