GOOD JOB: Bioshock Big Daddy LEGO Sculpture

This is the Bioshock Big Daddy sculpture built by Finnish LEGO lover Pate-Keetongu. Apparently this particular Big Daddy has made a habit out of skipping calf day...
January 3, 2013

Cover Yourself In Mud!: A LEGO Predator

This is a Predator (NOT Terminator) bust made entirely out of LEGO pieces by numba one stunna skilled builder Shawn Snyder. I...never would have guessed you could...
September 12, 2011

Super-Realistic Portal 2 Wheatley Puppet

This is a Wheatley Personality Core puppet from Portal 2. It has light-up effects (read: a giant blue lightbulb for an eye), is programmed with ten different...
August 11, 2011