Come On, 20!: Small Gallery Of Geeky Cakes

This Dungeons & Dragons themed cake and all the others after the jump (including some Zelda, Wolverine, Mario and Transformer action) were created by DeviantART user cakerific....
July 13, 2009

Mmmm, Rorschach-y: Watchmen Desserts

Loyal Geekologist Martin has a friend (Jack) who made a cake honoring The Comedian in anticipation of Watchmen, which dropped in theaters yesterday. Also, they made some...
March 7, 2009

WoW NOM NOMS: Delicious Warcraft Cakes

This is a gallery of World of Warcraft cakes. There are eleven of them in all, ranging from the amazing to the somebody is trying to sneak...
November 25, 2008