bullets don't kill people falling from too high kills people

Brass Blasters: Steampunk Bullet Insects

These are a bunch of steampunk insects made out of old ammunition and pocket-watch parts by Tom Hardwidge. As you can see, they're pretty good looking. Unless...
March 14, 2011

Magic!: Bullets Slicing Through Water Droplets

Alexander Augusteijn takes pictures of bullets slicing through drops of water because, well, I guess he's already taken pictures of everything else. Seriously, it's bullets through water,...
September 2, 2010

You've Got To Be Kidding Me: Bullet Earbuds

Free booze: want. Bullet earphones: do not want. These Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones from MUNITO look like bullets but they are in fact earphones. The copper alloy...
June 14, 2010